What is the average turnaround for my photos?

48-72 hours. This gives me a great deal of time to filter through each photo & make adjustments/edits ( resizing each image, adjusting contrast, exposure AS NEEDED etc. NOTE: each client needs vary depending on the project. Quantity of photos & service that was initially purchased. If photos are needed much sooner than the time I require, that will be an additional charge due to the fact that client needs a rushed delivery of photos.

Prices vary depending on the project.

Do you provide wedding photography services?
Yes. I don’t advertise that much because my primary focus & niche is Lifestyle and Fashion Photography. I am very confident that you will be pleased with the outcome.

Some couples want video footage of their wedding. Although that’s not my field of expertise, I do have a Videographer on hand. Note: that will be an additional service.

Are you open to Destination weddings?
Yes, I am ! I am truly a sucker/lover for simply attending weddings. It always makes me reflect on the day me and & Stephanie got married right on the beach! I just want my potential clients to be aware of that I would need to be compensated for my services provided. In addition to airfare & stay.
Do you send clients RAW files?
Clients are more than welcome to have the RAW files. As long as they are aware that there will be a processing fee.
Do you charge clients for equipment usage?

Yes! If they want me to hire equipment, the client gets invoiced for the cost of the equipment.

Do you have a studio?
No I do not have or own a studio “yet”. However, it’s not a problem to access a studio. I only use a studio setting if the client wants that in their service. Note: there will be an additional cost, and on average most studios require a two hour minimum. So just be aware that studio time will be included in your invoice.
What do you charge for product photography?
It really depends on the scope of work. In Layman’s terms, $100/an hour minimum. Generally, there is a conversation between me and the client to break down the services that they need, in addition to a price point that is fair for the client and me as the Photographer. Keep in mind, there’s always post production that the photographer has to tend to, which takes time. My goal is to tailor services & prices due to the fact that each clients needs may vary.

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